New motor-drive packages with synchronous reluctance motor


ABB's synchronous reluctance motor featuring innovative motor technology is the key component of two new packages consisting of a low-voltage synchronous motor and a drive.



Synchronous reluctance forms the technological basis. The package consists of a motor, a drive and the software.


The excellent energy efficiency and power density of the drive package derives from the innovative rotor design and optimized drive control.

ABB makes use of the advantageous temperature in the rotor to achieve a higher power density, which combines high output and compact size.

The package including a super premium efficiency synchronous motor and matched drive is designed for maximum efficiency. Already today this package fulfils the highest energy efficiency standard IE4 which will apply in future. Customers will benefit from high energy savings and very short payback times.

The second package comprising a high-performance synchronous motor, a drive and the latest software is designed for maximum power. The new motor is up to two frame sizes smaller than an induction motor with comparable power.

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