Increase in energy efficiency through innovative Weather Forecast Control

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As a licensee of MeteoViva® Quintec GmbH offers fully integrated solutions to optimize energy-intensive processes in buildings and of industrial plants by using the patented Weather Forecast Control of MeteoViva®.  Thereby our focus is on:

  • Reduction of energy costs of buildings
  • Increase the quality of the indoor climate
  • Increase the efficiency of energy production


Forecast through a calculation model

All our provided services are aligned for the purpose of describing reality through a mathematical calculation model in order to precisely optimize the performance of energy systems. Depending on the application, for the operation of buildings or industrial facilities the results are used to

  • control ventilation, heating, and colling performances and to
  • monitor physical conditions and trends.


Four steps to reach the goal

You are an end customer, operate one or more real property, and you are interested in the best possible indoor climate and maximum Eenergy efficincyHere you can find the four easy steps, so that you too can enjoy the many benefits of the innovative Weather Forecast Control (WFC) of MeteoViva ®.


Step 1: Acquisition

You tell us the number of usage zones and controllable HVAC circuits per zone, your level of equipment with a central building control system, and your energy costs over the past two years. You will then receive a free price quote for the usage of the WVS in your property.

Step 2: Diagnosis & design

You want a binding offer. You provide us with system schematics and floor plans of your buildings. In the case of complex buildings a fee-based planning with an on site stocktaking takes place. The calculation of operational support in the first year of operation is based on past experience except you want an optional fee-based potential diagnosis.

Step 3: Implementation

You contracted us on the basis of the mandatory offer, the contract is completed. This  is followed by the software setup, hardware setup, and commissioning on site. In the first weeks of operation the calibration is based on measurement data to match real and forecasted values.

Step 4: Operation

You now enjoy a continuous energy-efficient operation optimization, visualization and "1st level support". Via the portal "My MeteoViva" the desired indoor climate can be defined and checked individually at any time.


Contact us now and make an appointment for the presentation of this innovative technology.

The most important information can be downloaded here as a pdf-file.


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