Increase your energy efficiency


Why should you increase the energy efficiency of your facilities?

  • Energieeffizienzklassen 3Climate change, environmental policy and shortage of energy sources cause that each form of energy significantly increase in price and that the pressure on society grows in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Various political provisions - but financially attractive funding programs too - raise awareness of efficient
    energy usage.

 Why should you consider energy management systems?

  • Energy management systems help you to question unexploited potential, obsolete structures and old equipment. Significant savings result from specific energy efficiency measures.
  • In future tangible benefits and tax refunds for busisnesses will increasingly be linked to official requirements. Parts of the energy tax refund in the future are bound to the implementation and operation of a certified energy management system.


What can  do for you?


Measure and analyze

Measure and analyze the consumption of all energy sources.
Elaboration of consumption analyses and energy flow diagrams.
Calculation of energy-saving potentials.
Rental of mobile measurement systems and instruments for energy metering.

Concept and procedure

Elaboration of concepts and methods for saving and optimization of energy.
Preparing profitability analyses according to VDI 2067.
Offer and procurement of intelligent methods for energy saving and increase in energy efficiency.
Project management, coordination and quality assurance for the implementation of new or to be replaced plant technology on the subject of effective energy generation and distribution.

Obtain energy efficiency sustainably

Offer and arrangement of technical services and maintenance of compressed air systems, air conditioning, heating systems, refrigerating plants and insulation systems.

Broaden the horizon

Consulting, support and services for the implementation of energy management systems according to ISO 50001 and EMAS.
Training of employees on the topics of energy-conscious action, recognition of energy savings potentials and avoidance of wasting energy.

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