European Energy Manager


The reduction of energy consumption, the use of energy efficiency technologies and the use of a professional energy management becomes more and more important in all areas of industry. Quintec GmbH accepts this challenge and has had some staff members trained as European energy managers.

Within 240 hours of professional and extensive training, a final exam, and a detailed project work, the following topics were discussed:

  • Energy engineering basics, measurement and control technology
  • Energy industry including energy purchasing and law, energy trading, emissions trading and contracting
  • Energy management systems with data acquisition and analysis, controlling, load management, internal energy audits, development of energy management systems according to DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Buildings, building construction, building physics, heat requirement of buildings, energy saving regulation, and energy-conscious construction and renovation
  • Project management and cost effectiveness with profitability calculations
  • heating technology, heating, geothermal energy, process heat, combined heat and power, and energy from biomass
  • Air conditioning, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, and refrigeration engineering
  • Electric drives, lighting, compressed air, and Green IT
  • Solar hot water production, solar heating, and photovoltaics

Equiped with this specialized knowledge Quintec GmbH is prepared to meet the future challenges of the energy revolution.


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European Energy Manager






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