Portfolio of Quintec Automatisierungs- und Datentechnik GmbH


Our portfolio is very diverse and extensive. That allows us to respond highly flexible to your individual requirements.

Project management

Project management within the context of complete orders or individually according to your requirements. Scheduling and time management, resource planning, budget monitoring, quality assurance, monitoring of compliance with regulations, standards and laws.

Electrical construction

Individual electric constructions based on the CAE-Systems Eplan P8, Eplan 5.x, Ruplan and ELCAD.

Control cabinet manufacturing

Production of power and control cabinets according to circuit diagrams up to 1600 A feed-in power.

Industrial electrical installations

Realization of industrial electrical installations at large facilities and halls as well as in the field of special-purpose machines, robots, and small plants. Quintec GmbH provides you with the required materials such as cable carrier systems, ducts, pipes, and connector systems together with the entire need of control and power cables.

Programming PLC software

Quintec GmbH provides high quality and customized PLC software. These include regular logical operations, analog value processing, programming of complex control structures, communication with all common bus systems right up to the individual programming of communication drivers. Common programming languages are Siemens S7, Siemens S5, CodeSys, ABB Freelance, TwinCat, Bosch and VIPA. Other languages ​​on request.

Individual visualization systems

Today flexible visualization systems serve as an interface between operator and systems technology. We program and design individual and ergonomic visualization and control systems according to your requirements. Quintec GmbH provides you with solutions from manufacturers as Siemens (PCS7, WinCC, WinCC flexible, ProTool, TransLine 2000), Wonderware (InTouch, Application Server), Integra Designer, Intellution Fix32, and Citect.

Electrical commissioning

The commissioning of often highly complex systems technology is a key element in the portfolio of Quintec GmbH.  Our customers benefit from our very well experienced and professional commissioning technicians and engineers.We provide commissioning services for own programmed software as well as for third-party applications. Commissioning support, production monitoring, and other services in the field of electrical commissioning.

Individual high-level language programming

Individual programming of high level languages for your specific requirements. Our highly experienced certified computer scientists provide you with this service. Export, import functions, extraction of data sets, transfer and processing of measurement data in standard systems such as MS Word, MS Excel, SQL databases, etc., just to name a few examples. We are looking forward to your special requirements.

Determining of energy saving potentials

Our experienced and professionally trained energy managers determine your energy saving potential in order to use energy more efficiently and save valuable resources in your company. We analyze all forms of energy and after careful evaluation we suggest concrete measures to reduce your energy consumption.

Measuring and documenting of energy consumtions

Where energy is consumed and how much? What is your peak load of power consumption? Are the energy flows feasible and where energy is lost? We measure that for you. Even if there is no own infrastructure of measuring devices available.

Rental of mobile measuring systems to measure energy consumptions

Quintec GmbH provides mobile devices for measuring energy consumption, even for a longer period of time. That allowes you to run single-handedly measurements and the independent evaluation of the obtained data. We are happy to support you as well.

Consulting and inplementation to improve the enery efficiency of automated systems

Many automated systems consume energy unnecessarily. We analyze your system technology and propose concrete measures to reduce your energy consumption. In many cases the required infrastructure for the realization of these measures is already available. Through individual and intelligent software solutions, a significant added value can be realised from your system with only little effort.

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