Analysis, consulting and engineering

Analyse, Beratung und EngineeringMore than ever before, the foundation of successful automation projects is based on a solid concept and a well thought out plan. Especially in cases of  conversions of plants, retrofit measures, or shut-down situations a fundamental analysis of the current situation and target-oriented engineering are the requirements for the successful completion of such projects. Quintec GmbH supports and accompanies all of these preparatory measures with much experience and high technical expertise. The following services we offer in particular.

  • Analysis of the initial situation, inventory of plants and control components, review of existing dokumentation.
  • Development of and support in the preparation of functional and equirement specifications, as well as bills of quantities.
  • Development of control conceps, bus structures and network plans.
  • Functional descriptions, as well as basic system documentations.
  • Evaluation and assessment of offers for subcontracting. Evaluation and comparison of  technical concepts. Implementation of and support with economic calculations.
  • Assistance in the selection of sensors und measurement technology. Develepment of  components and consumer lists.
  • Development of and support in the preparation of hazard analysis.


Challenge and contact us. Together with your support, we will find the perfect solution for your individual needs.

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